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Despite the availability of western medicine, Thai Massage is still widely used in Thailand, and thousands of international visitors come here each year to study it. This therapy is much in demand, and interest in it seems to be increasing globally. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating Thai massage at a beauty spa in Kolkata, look no further than The Thai Odyssey!

Ancient Thai Massage :

Thailand has long utilized Nuad Thai as a form of medicine. It is thought that Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the Buddha’s personal physician, devised it in India in 600 BC.

Thai massage relaxation:

Thai massage is frequently referred to as Thai Yoga massage because of its close ties to classic yoga poses. The primary distinction is that the masseuse’s responsibility is to position your body correctly. The technique came to Thailand at the same time as Buddhism and became an important component of traditional medicine.

Thai massage health benefits :

The early stages of recuperation are particularly well served by Thai massage, but there are also many general health advantages, including:

● Increased blood flow
● Better digestion
● Greater adaptability
● More flexible range of motion
● Muscular strain is let go of

What to Expect in a Thai Massage session at Kolkata Spa?

A Thai massage treatment typically lasts for 60 minutes. You often start the session on the floor with your back to the wall. It’s crucial that you dress comfortably throughout the session, in light, loose clothing. Large meals should not be consumed two hours prior to your massage.

Thai Massage Techniques :

The therapist will gently stretch your body into various positions throughout the first few minutes, and as you’ve warmed up, these stretches will get more rigorous. It has the appearance of effortless yoga since you are being led into these positions. In order to release any held energy, pressure will also be applied to certain locations on the body.

Thai Therapists :

Although the Thai massage therapist will be busy maneuvering your body into various positions, it can still be wonderfully pleasant. It is typically advised to avoid scheduling anything too demanding just after receiving a massage. Expect your body to feel lighter and your mind to be more awake. If aches and pains that have bothered you for years suddenly go away, don’t be shocked.

Benefits of a Thai Massage

Lowers Stress

Stress can have a severe impact on both mental and physical health. Stress that lasts a long time, or is chronic, has been linked to major ailments like depression and heart disease. The massage relaxes the body by applying light pressure and stretches. According to a 2015 study, it considerably lowers SAA levels, a particular stress marker seen in saliva. According to research, Thai massage is more efficient than simply sleeping at lowering stress in healthy individuals.

Provides an Energy Boost

Thai massage has been demonstrated to boost people’s physical energy levels. In a randomized research, the effects of Thai and Swedish massages on tired individuals were investigated. The findings showed that Swedish massage was more likely to enhance relaxation and sleep, whereas Thai massage enhanced vitality and cerebral stimulation. Thai Odyssey, the best beauty spa at kolkata offers a massage that will re-energize you from head to toe!

Conclusion :

Thai massage is still a relatively new practice in Western culture despite its ancient origins. According to recent studies, Thai massage provides a variety of positive health effects, including increased circulation, increased range of motion, and lowered stress levels.

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