Balinese Massage

What is Balinese Massage ?

Balinese Massage is a type of full-body massage technique that emerges from the land of Indonesia, Bali. This type of Massage is done through an application of aroma & essential oils. A certain level of pressure is applied to the body using massage techniques like skin rolling, flicking & straight strokes.

The process is done with the intention to provide relaxation to the mind, body,& soul. A healing process includes Improvement of blood circulation, loosening muscular restrictions, better oxygen level (qi) & stimulating the lymphatic system of the body.

How is Balinese Massage performed ?

Traditional Bali Massage at the best massage spa in Salt lake uses a combination technique of acupressure, reflexology, mild strokes & stretches. The therapist uses aroma, and herbal essential oils, which are applied all over the body through the massage techniques of skin rolling, kneading, pressure point mild rubbing & stroking.

The session starts with the desired person seeking this treatment to lay on the massage bed. The selection of herbal-scented oils is made in accordance with the patient’s skin type. Some of the herbal essential oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, Thai tan monoi oil, ylang-ylang & rose oil.

Healing benefits of Balinese Massage

When it comes to choosing the best massage experience, then you should definitely opt for Balinese Massage. This massage treatment helps you to feel relaxed, and calm your mind, body, and soul mentally, physically & spiritually. This Massage is strongly recommended for someone who is having medical issues of muscle pain & aches. It heals, revives old damaged muscles, helps in releasing knot joints & and any other physical ailments. It’s the best mood-making session for someone who is looking to just freshen up their mind, body & mood.

  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Improves skin conditions
  • Keep stress at bay
  • Relief in muscular pain
  • Calms your mind
  • Soothes damaged tissues