Massage Benefits

Pedicure & Manicure are cure for everything .That’s why it ends with – ‘Cures’

Do you treat your hands and feets only on occasional basis? If yes then you should start taking care this zone more on a regular basis than occasionally . As we use a lot of hand and feet activity on a daily basis where a lot of pressure is felt on fingers like keyboard typing , cooking activities where nails get a lot affected as in dirt deposit in nail cuticles,  discoloration , chipped  even sometimes nail tearing  .Feets are hampered too by outdoor activities which makes skin tan , chipped nails and  dry heels .This often gets ignored but we should not forget hands and feets are the second most noticed things after face.

By regular massaging of feets and hands it does promotes blood circulation and helps your lymph nodes to clear out toxins from the body .Pampering your nail hands and feets even once or twice is great as its overall improves health and wellbeing.

 A regular pedicure and manicure provide comes with wonderful benefits . Some of these are :

Healthy nails :

If you are pampering your feets and months every month it the best treatment to your nails as it promotes healthy growth of nails andproper shaping makes nail look even beautiful.

Healthy skin :

Your hands and feets are something which mostly gets affected due to seasonal change. Like in winters you tend to have cracked hells, whereas in summer sweaty feets is a complete no no. Even in rains we sometimes get wet which leads to fungal infection . A regular session of pedicure and manicure keeps all such problems at bay.

Increases blood circulation :

Soft gentle massages on hands and feets increases blood circulation .A regular Massages make skin healthy soft , firm and evens skin tone

Beautiful looking hand & feets :

Maintaining your hands and feets monthly with regular scrubbing , exfoliating deeply cleanses the dirt , remove dead cells , lightens tanning which gives hand and feet a beautiful outlook .

We offer two types of pedicure services which are comes with best results

🔰 Normal pedicure and manicure

🔰 Crystal pedicure and manicure

Pedicure and manicure at thai odyssey spa & skin care are  given special attention as this part is often ignored as compared to facials and hair treatments. We provide two special types of pedicure and manicure  which are best in giving highest level of satisfaction .we believe your hands and feet should look equally gorgeous like your skin and hair does . Our expert team at thai odyssey ensure to beautify your over all personality where hands and feets is  under main concern.

Professional does each step of cleaning , exfoliating scrubbing , massage and skin polishing in a way to give you a full sense of relaxation and the same time beautiful looking hand & feets .  If you are planning to book an appointment to pamper your hand and feets we strongly recommend you to visit thai odyssey spa and skin care located in salt lake , kolkata to experience the best pedicure and manicure service ever in kolkata.

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