Couples Massage Therapy


A couple massage is a type of massage which allows partners to experience massage together at the same place.

Massage Benefits

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Why Couples Massage Therapy

A couple massage is a type of massage which allows partners to experience massage together at the same place. One therapist works on each person. Massage can eliminate stiffness and soreness, boost the immune system, improve circulation, reduce pain and even help to control one’s blood pressure.

Given our modern lifestyle, our cells can become overwhelmed & dysfunctional. Physiological and psychological action of the couple spa helps to restore the body’s natural state of health.

A couple massage is when you and a friend, a family member, or a  partner, each can enjoy a massage side-by-side with two therapists that work at the same time.

Massage can be tailored to each individual. This is a perfect way to unwind and de-stress while spending some quality time together in a pleasant, relaxing environment.

What Happens During a Couple Massage?

Couple’s massage is carried out in a private room with massage tables set side by side. Two therapists will work on each separately, simultaneously. Those couples who want to make it particular can opt for a full-service spa where they will have a special entrance to showers, hot tubs, etc.

After an initial discussion to review your session objective and answer any questions you may have, the therapist will leave the room for a duration while you and your massage partner disrobe to your fellow feeling level and slip under the sheets on the massage tables.

Both massages will end at the same pre-scheduled time, and the therapists will signal the end of the session, then leave the room. You’ll (carefully) get up and re-dress and open the door to let the therapists know you’re real.

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Benefits of Couple Message SPA

Benefits of Couple Massage Spa :

Is it time for your date night? There are many ways to spend your time with your partner, but a couple massage in kolkata is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities that you can do together. Perhaps you could do one before going to the usual dinner date. Aside from the bonding that you will experience, a couple’s massage has a multitude of benefits.

🔰 Start an open conversation.

🔰 Amazing Bonding Experience.

🔰 A couple’s massage can make you happy.

🔰 Triggers more Feelings of Affection.

🔰 Treat Someone You Love.

🔰 Relieve Your Aches and Pains Together After a Long Day.

 Thai Odyssey Spa is a prominent couple spa in Kolkata. Our couple massage services include complimentary welcome drinks, organic essential oils, creams, and lotions. If you’re interested in giving a couple massage spa as a gift, we offer massage service gift certificates, too! For pricing and a complete list of all our massage services, visit our Thai Odyssey Spa services page.