Bridal Makeup



Bridal Makeup Benefits

Bridal makeup is one time show up and it should be the best:

You can risk party makeup , you may get lots of parties in a year , but you cant risk your bridal makeup. Its only one function of a life time .And it should be the best.

Bridal makeup is a makeup which every girl looks forward after finalizing her outfit and jewellery . It plays an extremely important role as your whole look depends on your bridal makeup . A bad base heavy makeup may drop your look or too much makeup will end up making you look  like an clown.

A great bridal makeup stands out when there is some back work done before the show time. You need to select the type of Makeup , according to your skin suitability , whether airbrush makeup , high shine makeup , or mineral liquid  based makeup etc. The colours applied on skin should match one ‘s skin tone according to fair skin tone , warm skin tone or dark skin tone.

The main concern of every bride is to get that glowing and flawless skin  .They have been dreaming all this while to look like a million bucks on their special day. Bridal make up is a crazy scenario these days. There are different types of bridal makeup  according to ones preference and suitability namely such as :

Different Kinds of Makeup

Air brush makeup

It’s a makeup technique that is done by using an air nozzle and no use of brushes or sponges. The Airbrush technique makes skin look even and gives a flawless base setting up according to the shape of the face. It covers up all the blemishes and uneven skin tone without giving u an unnatural or cakey look.

Matte makeup

Most popular makeup look among all the types. This is the best choice when you got a daytime event. You can make it bold or sober by keeping the base the same. It looks best and suits one having oily skin or in humid weather.

Mineral makeup

If one is having sensitive skin or is prone to acne with chemical-based makeup. Mineral-based makeup is the best choice. The products are designed for sensitive skin types and it equally looks gorgeous like other makeup styles without damaging the skin.

Shimmer makeup-

As the name shimmer makeup is all about shimmer and sparkle effects on the face. This type of makeup can change you from simple to complete stunner. The use of metallic or bronze shades makes the makeup look stand out. Shimmer makeup can be done on special occasions where one needs to stand out or to bring that dazzling look forward.

Different Type of Makeup

Smokey makeup

It’s all in the eye when talking about Smokey eye look. Smokey makeup look has heavy black , grey, dark brown shades to make the eyes look sexy and sensuous. While keeping the base light. Enhancing the eye look with eyeliner and kohl with nude lips makes it looks powerful bold look.

Natural makeup

For someone who does not like heavy base makeup or too many colors on the face. Natural makeup is best when it comes to creating a sober subtle look. It gives a light base on the face and the use of peaches and pinks makes the makeup look flawless and natural.

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