Understanding Different Types of Waxes: Which is Best for You?

Types of Waxes

Waxing remains a popular method for removing unwanted hair due to its effectiveness and long-lasting results compared to shaving. There are various types of waxes tailored to different skin types and hair removal needs. For those with sensitive skin, there are soothing waxes that minimize irritation. Others target stubborn hair for a thorough removal experience. Understanding these variations helps in choosing the right wax, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable hair removal process.

Let’s take a closer look at the various types of waxes available, and their unique advantages, and determine which one best suits your specific needs:

Hot Soft Wax (Strip Wax)

Hot soft wax, also known as strip wax or honey wax, is formulated with resin, liquid paraffin, and honey. This type of wax is ideal for large areas like arms and legs, offering effective hair removal by adhering to both skin and hair.

How to Use Hot Soft Wax:

First, warm the wax in a wax warmer. Apply it using a spatula or wax roller, then press a cloth strip onto the waxed area. Once it sets, swiftly pull off the strip against hair growth, removing hair from the roots. This method not only removes hair but also exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving skin refreshed.

Hot Hard Wax (Strip-Free Wax)

Hot hard wax, also called strip-free wax, is suitable for sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarms. It effectively grips hair without sticking to the skin, making it less painful and suitable for sensitive skin types.

How to Use Hot Hard Wax:

After heating, apply a thick layer of wax directly onto the skin. Let it cool and harden, then pull off in the opposite direction of hair growth using your hands. This wax is gentle enough to reapply on stubborn hairs without causing irritation.

Cold Soft Wax

Cold, soft wax is available either in a jar or as pre-made wax strips, offering a convenient and mess-free hair removal option. When using wax from a jar, simply scoop it out with a craft stick and apply it directly onto the skin. It Avoids the risk of skin burns associated with hot wax. Convenient for quick applications without heating.

How to Use Cold Soft Wax:

For wax in a jar, use a craft stick to apply a thin, even layer on the desired area.
Press a fabric or non-woven strip onto the wax, smooth it in the direction of hair growth, and swiftly pull it off against the hair growth.
For pre-made wax strips, warm them slightly by rubbing them between your palms before use to enhance adhesion to the hair.

Pre-Made Wax Strips

Pre-made wax strips come ready to use, with the wax already attached and no heating required. This method is particularly user-friendly and ideal for beginners, ensuring no risk of applying too much wax. This wax is convenient and mess-free, suitable for travel and smaller areas.

How to Use Pre-Made Wax Strips:

Rub the strip between your palms to warm it slightly for better adherence to the hair.
Apply the strip firmly onto the skin, smooth it in the direction of hair growth, and pull it off swiftly against the hair growth.

Fruit Wax

Fruit wax offers skincare benefits alongside hair removal, featuring natural exfoliating enzymes and nourishing fruit extracts like plum, papaya, and strawberry. It naturally exfoliates and nourishes the skin, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Use Fruit Wax:

Apply a thick layer of fruit wax onto the skin using a spatula.
Allow the wax to cool and harden, then peel off directly without the need for a strip.
Recommended for sensitive skin, but always perform a patch test beforehand.

Chocolate Wax

Chocolate wax is a liposoluble wax enriched with natural ingredients such as cocoa, almond oil, and glycerine. It’s designed for sensitive skin and effectively removes even the shortest hairs while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

How to Use Chocolate Wax:

Similar to hot soft wax, warm chocolate wax and applied in a thin layer. Use a cloth strip to remove the wax swiftly against the direction of hair growth. The natural ingredients in chocolate wax help prevent ingrown hairs and keep the skin moisturized.


RICA wax is a liposoluble wax made with natural vegetable oils, free from Colophony, making it hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. It contains beeswax for deep moisturization and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness.

How to Use RICA Wax:

Heat RICA wax until it melts, then apply it evenly on the skin. Remove the wax against hair growth. Its natural ingredients, including essential oils and zinc oxide, enhance skin hydration and promote healing post-waxing.


Sugaring is an ancient hair removal method using a mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice. It’s gentle on the skin, water-soluble, and effectively removes hair without adhering to the skin.

How to Use Sugaring:

Warm the sugaring mixture and apply it in the direction of hair growth. Pull off swiftly in the opposite direction. Sugaring prevents ingrown hairs and is suitable for sensitive skin due to its gentle, natural formulation.

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Which wax is best for a long time?

Hot soft wax is perhaps the most effective way to rid unwanted body hair after laser hair removal, which can have far more lasting effects. It also helps remove dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

Which waxing method is best?

Hard Wax
This type of wax doesn’t require strips for hair removal. Once applied, it hardens and is peeled off directly from the skin. The main benefits of hard waxing are that it’s less painful than soft wax and is ideal for sensitive areas as it grips hair rather than skin.

Which waxing is painless?

Hard wax is often called painless waxing. However Pain tolerances vary, but many users rave about their comfort level with our flexible wax. Certain areas are more sensitive than others and because you’re pulling hair by the root, slight and quick discomfort is normal.

Can wax last 6 months?

On average, car wax tends to last for as long as three to six months. But, it primarily depends on the type of wax used. If it’s liquid or synthetic wax, the effect fades away sooner. This results in a reapplication after every 6 to 8 weeks.

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