Jet Lag Cure

JET LAG CURE Treatment

The end result of a unique spa treatment that not only helps combat jet lag, but is also ideal for anyone in search of a good night’s sleep!

Jet Lag Cure Treatment Kolkata

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Jet Lag Cure :

Jet lag is a major problem for everyone who is traveling occasionally or daily. Travelers keep on suffering from jet lag and need reliable jet lag cure treatment in Kolkata, India. The right massage and therapy sessions at Thai Odyssey Spa using essential oils like peppermint, lavender or ginger can curb the problems or ailments related to jet lag. Whether it is Swedish massage, aromatherapy, or another type of massage, we are experts in providing maximum comfort to avoid fatigue and jarring nerves to set them on a circadian rhythm.  

If you’ve taken a long-haul flight, we welcome you to our amazing spa and massage center. Our therapists can follow all sorts of necessary precautions to eliminate effects and muscle pain. Our spa and massage services ensure a highly smooth and quick recovery from typical jet lag or post-travel issues. Our spa services in Kolkata use indigenous techniques and Andean coca leaf rituals to promote the energy flow in your body and balance your thoughts. It is going to be a great session for availing remedy from jet lag and recovery from the road. 

Comprehensive Benefits Of Our Jet Lag Cure massages :

We recommend taking the jet lag cure massage at Thai Odyssey, the best spa in salt lake in kolkata. It is highly suitable for those who have gone through high fliers and jet setters facing a hard range of motions. Get a good body rub down to enhance blood circulation with maximum relief of the muscle ache after a long trip. The major reason behind the jet lag issue is that your travel time clock remains out of synchronization in the new environment. Our jet lag cure therapy avoids the disruption in the circadian rhythm to achieve the usual rhythm and comfort again. 

We understand that vacations can be fun and yet exhausting because of too much travel. It can even lead to a change in the sleeping cycle instilling tiredness in the body. If you’ve worked after traveling, our massage therapies can alleviate muscle pain, exhaustion, and headaches. In addition, with the right pressure points, we can help in decreasing stress and feel energized along with other healing or health benefits. With improved blood circulation and ideal blood pressure, our spa center in Kolkata, India can be your biggest healing ally.  

Here are some of the key benefits of jet lag cure massage :

  • Reduces headaches and body cramps
  • Removes swelling in ankles and feet
  • Eliminates bloating and knee/joint pain
  • Curbs out anxiety and irritability
  • Avoids lack of focus with a major concentration
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Book your Jet Lag Cure session with Thai Odyssey ! 

We, at Thai massage spa in Kolkatainvolve the treatment to regulate your sleep difficulties and other tension issues due to jet lag on a long trip. We formulate the best ambiance, atmosphere, and healing experience to put your sleep routine on a normal track. Our massage therapists emphasize lymphatic drainage to flush out the toxins from the body. Start feeling a seamless and unstoppable flow of energy in your body with the unique and reliable spa treatment in Kolkata, India. 

Our jet lag massage therapies use a special blend of essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and other essential oils to aid the healing process. Restore the muscles in your head, neck, and shoulders to achieve a more relaxed and soothing experience. 

 So, what are you waiting for? Book your next Jet lag cure massage therapy with us and get a good night’s sleep after a long trip.