Its not just a hair color , it’s a state of mind :

Don’t just live a life of black and white when there is a spectrum of colours available for you. Don’t confine yourself instead express yourself and have some fun.
Have you ever tried coloring your hair with a new shade just for an experiment or overall changing your look ? If someone does it to hide that grey strands you are unaware of the magical shades which can boost your inner self and personality rather than just hiding your grey hair.

A good quality of hair color can enhance your tresses beautifully . Hair colors are coming up with improvised Formulas which can protect hair cuticle from damaging leaving it healthier looking hair .For trend setters how important is their hair goals changing experimenting with colours every season. It looks funky and trendy with different colours and shades .

How to choose a hair colour?

How to choose a hair colour?
A hair colour that doesn’t match your skin tone and makes you feel blah? A big no! Always go for hair colour that suits your skin tone and your face is incredibly vital. If you’ve a fair skin tone, your ivory skin will look the
best with shades like platinum blond. That will compliment your complexion. And, if you’ve warm undertones, colours like strawberry blond will go well with your face. For the medium skin, your skin might be fair but with pink or yellow undertones. Colours that will go well
with medium skin tone are light, icy, ashy blonde or
tones of copper. Now for the Olive Skin Tone, copper tones, caramel tones, warm, honey or golden blonde will suit your face. Their skin will appear naturally tanned or pale but with warm olive undertones. When you’ve darker skin, you’ve more warmth to your skin tone which gives you more options than you think you have. Adding a warm or sandy tone
even if that’s darker or lighter to your skin tone
creates even more dimension to frame with your face. Colours such as honey shades, caramel brown, toffee, mahogany will go well with the dark skin tones.

Types Of Hair Colour

1.Loreal Permanent Hair Colour : Experience a healthy and long-lasting hair colour with Loreal hair colour range. These hair colours provide
care to your colour, your hair and to the scalp. Choose the Loreal shades and have lustrous, gorgeous-looking hair.
2.Loreal Semi Permanent Hair Colour : Level up your style and give your hair natural-looking shine with the Loreal treatment. These colour
shades provide good grey hair coverage and it can last up to 28 shampoos.
3.Loreal Temporary Hair Colour : This temporary hair colour treatment will keep your grey roots covered and will last until washed out, without any sticky residue. You can cover your greys in just 3 seconds with this temporary hair colour and you’re good to go.

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