“Inner beauty is great, but that little prickly hair hurts.”


Waxing hair goes beyond just being smooth. The hand and legs are the most exposed areas when it comes to dressing up with those LBDs. One needs to look clean and hygienic to look presentable. Waxing those areas is the best option to get rid of those unwanted hairs.

The other option is shaving, but it fails to give better results because what happens in shaving is that the growth compared to waxing is very fast. It is not much suitable as the chances of cuts and hurts are more.

Waxing is the most common practice for hair removal in the best salon in Salt lake as it makes hair more acceptable and slows hair growth. The repeated hair growth in waxing is much softer and more delicate than shaving; as when you shave, the repeated hair growth is very prickly and needle-feel-like.

There are lots benefits When It Comes To Waxing Than Just Providing A Clean Surface

It Is A Fast Process.

This is a quick procedure as it’s a matter of 7-10 minutes. It cleans the body, removing each hair whereas there is a chance to miss hair strands in shaving.

It Extracts Hair From The Roots:

When you pull out the strip on a hairy area it pulls the hair from its sources which makes the growth of hair rate very slow.

No Cuts Or Bruises:

The process doesn’t include razors or blades. It’s the process of applying a thick gel-like base spread all over the hairy skin pulled by a strip.

Hair Appears To Be More Delicate And Thinner:

Waxing your hair makes the hair’s regrowth very soft and more delicate than before. It gives the base a very silky and smooth finish.

There are many options when it comes to waxing :

🔰 Soft Wax

🔰 Hard Wax

🔰 Sugar Wax

🔰 Cold Soft Wax

🔰 Wax Strips

🔰 Fruit Wax

🔰 Chocolate Wax

🔰 Rica Wax

🔰 Brazilian Wax.

Best Hair Waxing Treatment In Kolkata

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