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The expression “couple massage” is frequently used to describe a popular kind of spa treatment. A couple of massage doesn’t have to entail a romantically linked couple specifically; essentially, it’s two-person treatments conducted in the same area simultaneously. Thai Odyssey is the best couple spa in saltlake.

The Practice of a couple massage Is Quite simple:

  • Each person involved with the massage is treated separately.
  • Each person has a massage table and their particular therapist.
  • The only difference to a typical massage is there is a second table inside the room.
  • Your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/etc will probably be massaged on the opposite table.

Most massage tables can be readily moved, so you and your loved one can pick the proximity between you. But you will have to ensure there is enough room for the masseuses to operate around the table, so a couple of feet of distance is a sensible option.

Where Does One Couple Massage Happen?

The room will be decorated in a relaxing, occasionally romantic manner. You might well see candles and rose petals, and you can anticipate calming music will be enjoying unobtrusively in the background. At Thai Odyssey Spa, we have an impressive suite that is dedicated to couple massages.

What are the advantages of a couple massage?

Support; if one of you is tense about the massage — for example, it’s your first time — it can help be in precisely the same room as someone you know to make sense of calm.

Less awkwardness. If there’s someone you know and trust inside the room, the nudity that massage needed may be more comfortable for you both than if you’re alone.

The individual treatment you get is identical to what you would receive if you’re solo, so there are no downsides in this regard. Provided you are familiar with sharing a relatively intimate setting; there shouldn’t be any issues.

How much does one couple massage price?

In Thai Odyssey Spa, we don’t offer you a set cost for our couple massages. This is because we allow those who are spending some time in our couple package to add additional services to their own time with us, such as body wraps, body polishing, facials, or reflexology. As a result, the price changes based on the number of treatments you choose.

What are the top tips for taking advantage of a couples massage at the best couple spa in saltlake?

  • Do not surprise a loved one having a couple massage not everyone is familiar with the thought, so ensure they are pleased to proceed before you make your booking.
  • Discuss if you wish to talk through the massage with your like one, so you both know what to expect.
  •  Rather, concentrate on your massage and enjoy the health and well-being benefits it gives.
  • Add additional treatments to your package so that you can maximize the time spent at the relaxing couple massage package.

At Thai Odyssey Spa, our couple massage services include complimentary welcome drinks, organic oils, creams, and lotions. If you’re interested in giving a couple of massage as a gift, we offer massage service gift certificates, too! For Costing and a complete list of all our massage services, please call /email us to get more details.

Best couple spa in saltlake