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We are willing to bet that even if you have never received a couples massage, you have probably heard of it. Even while the best couple massage in kolkata is regularly available, especially during romantic getaways, you can still have concerns if you need more expertise with massage therapy.

To your surprise (and us), getting a couple massage in kolkata is one of the most popular ways to relax. And no, getting a couples massage isn’t just for lovebirds. Any two individuals, whether they are best friends, parents, kids, or any other kind of relationship, can benefit greatly from a couples massage.

Here is all the information you require for a couples massage.

Couple Massage in saltlake

Simply put, a couples massage is when you and a partner each get a massage while lying on separate beds close to one another. A different   massage therapist gives massages to each person.

Like any other massage, a couples massage may include relaxing music, aromatherapy, and candles. Whether they are siblings, close friends, potential companions, or coworkers, these sessions are routinely offered as gifts to loved ones. The best treatment for easing stress or tension from the
office is a couples massage.

What to expect from a Couples Massage?

There are no etiquette rules to observe during a couples massage. You might wish to spend the time to catch up with the other person, or you might opt to take a quick nap, depending on your preferences. You are free to choose. The ideal scenario is for you to make your decision and then rest on the stretcher.

How much time does a Couples Massage take?

Depending on the style of massage you get, the length can change. However, massage sessions often   run an hour to an hour and a half. You may ask for breaks at any time during your appointment. This is very normal, especially if you are getting a deep-tissue or strong Thai massage.

Benefits of a Couples Massage

● Acts as an escape—If you both had a tiring week, it’s good to get away from the chaos. even if it’s only for a brief time. You both absolutely deserve it.

● Spending quality time together is essential to establishing and maintaining any form of relationship, romantic or platonic. After getting a massage, you and your partner will have memories to think back on. Furthermore, especially if it’s a gift, it’s nice to know that someone else is enjoying themselves with you.

● Benefits of Massage in General: A couples massage provides twice as much relaxation and enjoyment!

Massages for couples have various benefits, many of which are emotional. Because there is a shared experience to focus on the present, couples massage helps people reconnect. One of the difficulties that couples encounter while attempting to spend quality time together is the fact that they often have different work routines. The body can release feel-good hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin with the aid of an oriental couples massage. Couple massages are said to heighten the urge for intimacy and affection because these are mood-regulating substances and getting them both out at once is the key to enduring love.

Best Couples massage in kolkata
Beautiful couple relaxing together at Thai Odyssey spa after spa treatments.