Hair that slays start at the salon :

Don’t just live a life of black and white when there is a spectrum of colours available for you. Don’t confine yourself instead express yourself and have some fun.
Have you ever tried coloring your hair with a new shade just for an experiment or overall changing your look ? If someone does it to hide that grey strands you are unaware of the magical shades which can boost your inner self and personality rather than just hiding your grey hair.

A good quality of hair color can enhance your tresses beautifully . Hair colors are coming up with improvised Formulas which can protect hair cuticle from damaging leaving it healthier looking hair .For trend setters how important is their hair goals changing experimenting with colours every season. It looks funky and trendy with different colours and shades .
A new hair colour can totally change the whole outlook of your personality .Along with styling point of you there it can also add a thick texture to your hair after colorings it improves the dull strands as some texture enhancing agents present in the color which can make your hair look lustrous and bouncy.

Hair colors have become so trendy these days where every one is so conscious to change their image with hair color experiments. There are so many types of hair coloring techniques available such as Permanent ,temporary , highlights , lowlights , balayayge ,root colors , henna dyes , hair chalks etc which are very much in trend these days.

We at thai odyssey spa & skin care situated in salt lake , Kolkata provide clients with the best quality of hair coloring services . The dab hand experts aims to deliver the best hair coloring quality services and educating them with guidance for perfect suitable technique of coloring , caring & maintaining of hair.
Book an appointment for hair coloring with the best service available for hair care in Kolkata.

Where as there are other popular methods too such as

🔰 Hair Rebonding.

🔰 Chemical Straightening (Hair Relaxing)

🔰 Japanese Straightening (Thermal Reconditioning)

🔰 Keratin Treatment (Brazilian Straightening)

Hair straightening technique at thai odyssey spa & skin care situated in salt lake , kolkata is strong recommended  to the ones who are looking to get this technique done while protecting the texture and quality of hair. The experts believe in delivering hair skin & beauty service specially when it comes to hair straightening with utmost satisfaction without hampering the present quality of  hair  at the same time educating clients with the procedure associated  with each step. Book your appointment for a complete makeover of your hair with best salon service in kolkata.

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