Loving your hair when its perfectly straight:

If a women has silky straight long hair , it is a glory to her .

Silky smooth hair is something which every women desire and always wish they had. Running over silky smooth finish hair is what one always dreamt to have . Hair with no frizz , silky and smooth straight is something which is a desirable look to every women. How beautiful it is to look at those silky straight smooth hair?

But not every one having straight hair and who ever desire to have smooth hair , for them the one stop solution to achieve straight look is hair smoothening .Be it curly or wavy if you want to get your tresses straight ‘ Hair Smoothening ‘ is a great option for you.

Hair smoothening is a chemical treatment process which gives hair a silky straight smooth look . From scalp to tip hair appears to be straight till ends .it gives pin tip smooth texture and hair appears to be straight done on any texture of hair.

The best and much popular keratin treatment is what we offer at our spa salon. Let us look at some of the benefits of keratin treatment.

 What it does that keratin treatment the hair is protected from harmful effects of the sun and other environmental damages and after keratin treatment is done hair appears to be glossy and fuller looking and it is very easily manageable as it also makes hair frizz free and give a Shiny look to the hair.

We  at Thai Odyssey spa and skin care situated in Salt Lake Kolkata. Among  all the hair services  hair smoothening  is something  which is very much in Trend .We offer hair smoothening service with an aim to deliver highest level of satisfaction to our clients looking for hair straightening services

.Our expert team uses best products and hair smoothing technique to achieve silky smooth hair. We ensure that the products of chemical content does not damage ones hair .And expert provide such services without damaging the natural quality of hair.

Hair is something which needs care and any  treatments done on hair is to be done by the experts well versed in all hair care treatments.

We welcome everyone looking to get hair smoothening services. Thai odyssey spa & skin care is your one stop hair wonderland covering all your hair concerns. We try our level best to satisfy you on each visit because we believe your life may not be perfect but your hair can ways be.

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