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“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.”

Facials are massages that make your skin deeply clean, soft, and radiant with massage techniques on specific facial points. It makes skin healthy and firm by increasing blood and oxygen level on the front. With regular massage, one can remove dead cells, blackheads, and whiteheads and flush out toxins from their skin, thus helping your skin look younger and well hydrated.

Types of Facial Treatments

There are different types of facials based on your skin type. Every kind of facial is designed to suit and work best on your skin. Have a look at each of these types :

Necessary clean-up:

This is the very first step to start with any facial. This is prepping up your skin for a fresh deep clean face. It cleanses your skin, such as dead cells, removing blackheads, and whiteheads, tanning, and deep cleansing of blocks and dirt from the skin. This is the best way to start to pamper any skin combinations.

Normal Facials:

It’s like a gentle cleaning with a massage technique. It’s a massage session on targeted facial points, which makes skin glow & achieve a radiant look. Facials work best when adequately massaged for a longer time on certain glow-releasing points on the face.

Paraffin Facials:

These are based on the application of creams and face masks to provide radiance, reducing fine lines, and wrinkles, proper massage followed by face packs which makes skin tight and firm, hence leaving soft-looking skin.

Bio Lift Facial:

This type of Facial massage is best suitable for sagging skin. With age, skin starts fading, so it needs a lift to make skin look even. Bio lift facial is that one facial technique that helps saggy skin look firmer and smoother, overall providing a natural glow to the skin.

Acne Facial:

This Facial Massage technique is used to remove pimples and acne that deposits on the skin that looks uneven and undesirable. The best you got to treat that unwanted acne with a particular acne facial designed mainly to remove pimples and dirt which are the reasons behind an acne prone face.

Gold Facial:

This facial, having properties of 24-carat gold, is most popular among facial lovers when it comes to achieving radiant, youthful skin. It’s the best facial if you are going to attend a party or event. This facial provides skin with radiance, tightness, and smooth, silky texture. Gold facial makeup makes you glow like a desirable diva.

Best Facial Treatment in Kolkata

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