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Deep tissue massage at Thai Odyssey

Look to massage therapy for relief from aching muscles and swollen joints during
pregnancy—we know this is a regular occurrence! Whether it’s a brief foot rub from your partner
or a professional prenatal massage, there are many reasons why you should incorporate massage
into your daily life. It has numerous health advantages in addition to relaxing your muscles and
making you feel great.
In this blog post, we will be discussing how beneficial massage sessions from a professional
therapist could be for moms-to-be. In the modern-day lifestyle, where many pregnant ladies have
to take care of their professional and personal lives simultaneously, massage can give them some
relief and help them in taking care of their physical and mental health.

A qualified prenatal massage therapist will give you a full-body massage during your pregnancy.
It is comparable to a Swedish massage (like the one you could receive at a spa), with a few minor
adjustments to body placement that can assure the safety and comfort of both mother and child.
Before choosing any kind of massage therapy, women should always discuss their health with
their prenatal care practitioner.

For the structural changes you go through during pregnancy, prenatal massages are tailored. In a
typical massage, you might spend half the session face-up (which is impossible with a baby
belly) and half the session face-down on your stomach (a position that puts pressure on a major
blood vessel that can disrupt blood flow to your baby and leave you feeling nauseous).

However, a skilled massage therapist may adjust with specific cushioning systems or holes that
allow you to sleep face down comfortably while providing room for your expanding belly and
breasts as your shape and posture alter. Alternatively, you might use pillows and cushions to
support you as you lay on your side.

Can a pregnant woman receive a massage?
As long as your practitioner gives the all-clear and you disclose to your massage therapist that
you are expecting, prenatal massages are generally regarded as safe beyond the first trimester.
However, you should stay away from massage during your first three months of pregnancy as it
could cause dizziness and worsen morning sickness.
While it is technically possible for any massage therapist to treat pregnant clients, it is advisable
to seek out an expert with at least 16 hours of specialized training in maternal massage. (Since
there is no particular certification, you should inquire before making your appointment.) By
doing this, you can feel secure in the knowledge that any pain and pressure brought on by your
changing anatomy will be handled by a skilled professional.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of prenatal massage:
1.    Lower Swelling
Reduced circulation and increased pressure on the major blood vessels are frequently to blame
for the edema that develops in your hands, feet, and legs during pregnancy. You may feel more
at ease after receiving massage therapy, which can also assist to activate soft tissue, shifting
surplus fluid, and reducing edema.
2.    Lower Back Pain Relief
By targeting the tight muscles in the affected area, pregnancy massage reduces lower back
discomfort, particularly sciatic nerve pain. Prenatal massage promotes blood flow and aids in
easing the tension that pregnancy may naturally cause.
3. Better Sleep
As your pregnancy goes on, it gets harder and harder to get good sleep. The nervous system is
calmed during a prenatal massage, and feel-good hormones are released. You'll feel more at ease
as a result, which will help you sleep better.
4. Get Your Body Ready for Labor and Delivery
Prenatal massage can make labor easier for you since it keeps your muscles relaxed and toned
before the start of labor, in addition to lowering your general stress level. According to studies,
when women received massages, their hospital stays were shorter, their labors were shorter, and
their chances of developing postpartum depression were lower.
5. Pain-Relieving Natural Methods

A natural, secure, drug-free alternative for pain alleviation is provided by prenatal massage. This
is advantageous because, for the safety of your unborn child, medication use is restricted during
pregnancy. Many of the typical pregnancy aches and pains can be greatly reduced by the
increased blood flow to your tissues and the relaxation your body will experience during and
after a session.

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