Body wraps in kolkata



Loose some inches and get detox with Body wraps

Body Wraps at Kolkata Thai spa are also known as a body cocoon or body mask spa treatment. It reduces the body inches and the appearance of the skin by reducing excess fluids and toxins in the skin.

A mineral-rich oil formula is applied to the body before wrapping is done. The body mask contains ingredients that will have certain sweaty effects on the skin which will help you to lose some inches and clean up your pores. It soothes and relaxes the whole body resulting refreshing and calm yet enjoyable session.

Some of the great benefits of having Body wraps are:

Quick loss of cellulite

Body wraps can be the fastest when it comes to losing some of the inches. You can book body wraps if your special function is just around the corner and you got to fit into the slim gorgeous dress.

Detoxification of the body

Body wraps help to improve the circulation of blood flow and flush out toxins from the skin. This session deeply cleanses out the skin and leaves it for detoxification.


Sea salt, pumice, sugar, etc the Agents of exfoliation are applied to the body to remove the dead cells making skin deep clean, and glowing.


Body wrapping is super moisturizing because the oiling is done before wrapping making the skin soft and smooth. It gives your skin super moisturization making skin soft and supple.


When it comes to pampering the whole body be it scrubbing, polishing, or wrapping it’s super relaxing. These are the most enjoyable sessions one could have a reduction in Weight and soft smooth skin.

Body spa in saltlake

Body wraps at Thai Odyssey Spa & skin care is the best spa treatment when one is looking in an emergency or just getting that extra inch off. Nothing works faster than like body wraps and in Thai Odyssey Spa it is even better. If you have heard about this service or want to get it done, Thai Odyssey Spa & skincare is the best beauty spa in saltlake to visit.

You will love the way it exfoliates your skin detoxify from within and losing those extra inches never hurts. An enjoyable yet refreshing spa session will make you visit again and again. Book your appointment to experience so far the best body wrap treatment in your city.