Glowing skin is always in :

Body scrubbing is the ultimate cleansing option when it comes to achieving deep clean skin. The process of cleaning skin at a deeper level gives skin a smooth finish hence make skin look fresh and younger.

  Body scrubbing is the best technique when it comes to exfoliation of dead cells and dirt which are deposited on the surface of the skin. Not just it only cleans the skin but also gives skin silky smooth polished skin. It also rubs out unwanted facial hair thus gives a smoothening and softening feel to rough,  dry, and uneven skin.

Body scrubbing have more skin benefits than just cleaning of the skin .Let us look at some of the great benefits it hold :

🔰 Skin rejuvenation :

🔰 Younger looking skin.

🔰 Prevents ingrown hair.

🔰 Moisturistation of skin.

🔰 Removes dead cells.

🔰 Minimize larger pores.

🔰 Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation

A scrubber that is not only good for circulation but also smells delicious. As
we offer different types of Body scrubbing services option best suitable for
every skin types such as:

Sugar scrubbing

The most popular type of scrubbing ‘sugar-based scrubbing’ is the popular one. The uses of granulated or brown sugar deeply exfoliate the dead skin thus leaving the surface glass-like skin.

•Chocolate scrubbing:

Coffee being a natural exfoliator is an amazing body scrubbing option as it is great for cellulite-prone areas moreover it comes with great smells which gives a sense of pleasure and enjoyable experience to someone each time they choose this body scrubbing option.

Salt scrubbing:

If you are looking for something strong and rejuvenating, one can choose salt scrubbing By selecting a particular grade of sea salt among different grades according to your skin type. Sea salt is an amazing scrubbing agent which helps to bring out the toxins and deposited dirt from the skin.

Gold scrubbing

Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, which deep cleanses dead cells and promotes the healthy promotion of new ones. It smoothes, polishes, and removing impurities from the skin.

Body scrubbing at thai odyssey spa and skincare is one of the most enjoyable sessions as along with giving your skin a desirable smooth clean finish it gives four types of flavor options each works best according to skin suitability and skin types.

Body scrubbing is made interesting by adding value to customer satisfaction with a pleasing fun-filled relaxing session. Book an appointment to experience never felt like before body scrubbing pampers session at thai odyssey spa & skincare situated in salt lake, Kolkata.

Get ready for a body scrubber that will make you feel exquisite each time you visit.

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